Dutch Populism Tool released

March 9 2021

Dutch Populism Tool released

We are proud to announce that we just released our first PRECEDE populism tool for the Netherlands! The Populismemeter will locate the users in a two-dimensional landscape: a general left vs right dimension and populist vs non-populist dimension. After answering 30 statements by using a five-point agreement scale, users will get an individual position in the political landscape, where also the most relevant Dutch parties are positioned.

Parties were placed using a combination of two well-known and recognised expert placement methods. Multiple experts placed the parties, based on publically available textual justifications, on 18 policy-related issues, which was then validated against the party self-placement (the so-called Kieskompas method). For the 12 populism statements, derived from existing and validated populism scales, which are not related to specific policies, parties were placed by using responses from our expert survey PEPS (Party Expert Positioning Survey). Experts invited to place the parties in this survey were Dutch party experts, mostly political scientists, but also communication scientists, sociologists and other experts from related disciplines.

The resulting political landscape is highly valid since the results mirror the results of recent populism studies. The positions clearly show that Dutch parties vary with regard to degree of populism, but also spread across the left-and-right dimension. More details on our analysis will be released shortly in our blog section.

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