British “Party-Meter” released

The PRECEDE Consortium is proud to present its latest Voting Advice Application, the Party-Meter UK. The Party-Meter consists of two dimensions (the axes of the political landscape). The horizontal axis summarises the statements that distinguish political “left” from political “right”, and the vertical axis reflects the attitudes towards the roles of the elites and the public in government (pro and anti-establishment). We have labelled the poles of the axes using keywords that are common when talking about politics.

To position the parties on these axes, we administered a survey among more than 150 academic experts in British politics (the 2022 Party Expert Positioning Survey, PEPS). The survey included the same questions that we ask you in the Party-Meter tool. We aggregate these experts’ responses about political parties into their positions on our landscape the same way as the users’ responses. Here you can find an overview of the parties’ positions on the different statements.

The tool addresses the ongoing political debate in Great Britain and offers voters new insights in British politics.