Who we are

University of Münster

Norbert Kersting
© Norbert Kersting


Professor Dr Norbert Kersting (Full Professor at the University of Münster) offers both his longstanding expertise on online participation and his experience in survey techniques. He will focus on the exploration of supply and demand for populism for the design and analysis of Voting Advice Applications (VAAs).




Jan Philipp Thomeczek
© private


Jan Philipp Thomeczek is currently a Doctoral (and post-Doc, after 2021) researcher. He assists Prof. Kersting in the set-up, analysis of VAAs and will use his extensive project managing experience to coordinate the Consortium, with the help of student assistant(s).




Gabriele Erwig
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Gabriele Erwig, our experienced Senior Administrative Assistant, provides administrative support for the project, oversees the funding and communicates with the Volkswagen Foundation on financial matters.




University of Birmingham

lorenza antonucci
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Dr Lorenza Antonucci (Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham) offers her expertise in exploring the effects of socio-economic insecurity in European societies. As Research Associate at the European Social Observatory in Brussels, Antonucci also leads the impact work of the project. She will work together with a Postdoctoral researcher, who will start in Summer 2021.



University of Exeter

Susan Banducci
© University of Exeter


Professor Susan Banducci (Professor at the University of Exeter), as an internationally renewed expert in the field, offers her extensive expertise in exploring the link between the supply and demand sides of populism. As coordinator of the Marie Curie FP7 grant on ‘Doctoral Training in Voting Advice Applications’ (VOTEADVICE), Prof. Banducci offers her expertise on the analysis of VAAs and online data.



Dr Laszlo Horvath
© private


Dr Laszlo Horvath is Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. Dr Horvath offers his advanced skills in analysing and weighting VAAs panels and running multilevel models. As past Marie-curie fellow of VOTEADVICE, Dr Horvath has elaborated advanced strategies to analyse VAAs/online data.




Andrei Zirnov
© Evgeny Sedashov


Dr Andrei Zhirnov is a quantitative political scientist studying political institutions and electoral systems. He earned his PhD in Political Science from Binghamton University (2019) and is currently at the University of Exeter.




Free University of Amsterdam (VU)

André Krouwel
© University of Amsterdam


Dr André Krouwel (Associate Professor) offers his invaluable expertise in setting-up and analysing VAAs and his in-depth knowledge of the positioning of populist voters and parties. Krouwel is the founder of Kieskompas (Election Compass), a Voting Advice Application website used by millions of voters that will conduct the data collection as an external partner. Krouwel also has extensive media experience and is the communication lead of the project. He will work together with a Postdoctoral researcher, who will start in January 2021.



La Sapienza, Rome

Dr Carlo D'Ippoliti
© private


Dr Carlo D’Ippoliti (Associate Professor in La Sapienza, Rome) brings his extensive expertise in economic research and his advanced statistical skills in analysing large-N comparative datasets and applying multilevel modelling. He will work with his Postdoctoral researcher.




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Dr Christian Mongeau is Research Fellow at Sapienza University of Rome, where he earned his PhD in Economics. He is skilled in economic analysis, econometrics, programming, and has a demonstrated history of working in academic institutions, intergovernmental organization, and private sector.





Our data partner is Kieskompas BV, based in Amsterdam.