Working Packages

Working Package 1. Patterns of populism: push and pull factors (leading: Prof Dr Kersting). The package will analyse the positioning and saliency of the economic and cultural dimension of politics for populist parties and their voters. By using party data and individual data from VAAs and surveys, the working package will analyse the push and pull factors of populism. The results of this work will be used by Working Package 2 to discuss the congruence between populist parties and their voters. The members of the working group are Kersting, Krouwel, Banducci, Thomeczek and the unnamed post-docs affiliated with their institutions.

Working Package 2. The socio-economic and cultural drivers of populist vote (leading: Dr Antonucci). The package will analyse existing and new data to clarify how macro factors (e.g. welfare state spending), socio-economic individual factors (e.g. labour market insecurity) and cultural individual factors (e.g. cultural anomie) explain populist voting. There will be a continuous exchange with Working Package 1 to ensure the matching between supply- and demand-side explanations. The members of the working group are Antonucci, D’Ippoliti, Thomeczek, Horvath and the unnamed post-doc researchers affiliated with their institutions.

Working Package 3. Methodological advancements in investigating populism with online data and probability sampling (leading: Andre Krouwel and Dr Horvath). The package explores the potential of using VAAs and online data to investigate populism and run experiments. Furthermore, the group will work on improving population-level inference from nonprobability samples in combination with the use of data connected through probability sampling. This working group includes all the members of the Consortium.